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Bonnie MacNeil

Owner, Lead Planner, & Creative Director

Hi! My name is Bonnie. Thank you for your interest in our wedding & event planning services - you've come to the right place! If you're visiting this corner of our site you're probably wondering who I am and how I got here...

I have worked in several aspects of hospitality & event management for over a decade and have become a lover of all things related to weddings, events, & hospitality. Consulting with clients and envisioning their celebration, working with vendors on fresh ideas and curated menus, and executing the final event production - I truly love every step.


During the Covid-19 pandemic I, like many others, found myself reevaluating my priorities and nurturing my inherited entrepreneurial spark. I decided to focus on pursuing my true passion - event planning. Soon enough that entrepreneurial spark struck tinder, quickly growing into a roaring flame - and so, Allure Events & Hospitality was forged.


I am a passionate artist and I enjoy utilizing my creative flair to create grandiose and breath-taking design and décor concepts, while focusing on the little details that get noticed. With an eye for attractive design; creating alluring, elevated, & elegant events is second nature to me. 

As a proud Caper girl and 'old soul' who hails from a small community in Cape Breton, when I am not planning events I can be found hosting tea parties, crafting, or nurturing my many plants - that is when I'm not snuggling my two cats while watching a Real Housewives series.


It is so nice to meet you. I look forward to creating Alluring events & everlasting memories for you!

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